Our solutions are characterised by operational stability, reliability and a high level of security.

We use state-of-the-art solutions and do not compromise.

A staff of professional programmers and engineers will ensure the highest quality both on the software side and in the physical execution of our products. We do not economise or take the easy way out. We guarantee the stability of our solutions and their usability.

Nasze urządzenia służące do śledzenia GPS charakteryzują się bardzo wysoką dokładnością (do 0.5 m) oraz bogatym zakresem funkcji. Jeśli posiadasz flotę aut osobowych, autobusów czy ciężarówek, chcesz śledzić prywatne auto przez 1 dzień lub monitorować położenie GPS cennego ładunku - nasze rozwiązania są wlaśnie dla Ciebie.


You can always count on Mr Piotr. The implementation was carried out professionally, on time and everything was done on time. This is not the first time we have used Petrovision's services and certainly not the last.
Łukasz P., Warsaw
By using the Autobservation system, we no longer have problems with disappearing fuel. In addition, there is better control over the fleet and many problems can be prevented. The cost of the system is incomparably low compared to the benefits it gives us. The only thing I regret is that we did not install the system earlier.
Przemysław R., Bydgoszcz
Monitorowanie autobusu pozwala mi spać spokojnie, gdy moje dziecko jest na wycieczce szkolnej. Wiem, gdzie znajduje się autobus, mogę to sprawdzić o każdej porze dnia i nocy. Nie muszę co chwilę dzwonić do córki i pytać, czy wszystko w porządku.
Jolanta G., Poznań
Fundusze Europejskie

PETROVISION PIOTR KACZMAREK is implementing a project co-financed by the European Funds The purchase of a pro-development advisory service consisting of support for running and developing the business of the company by entering new markets and expanding the company's product offer. Amount of co-financing: PLN 104,348.75.

Fundusze Europejskie

PIOTR KACZMAREK PETROVISION is implementing a project co-financed from European Funds entitled. "Export expansion of PETROVISION Piotr Kaczmarek company on the Persian Gulf markets".

The aim of the project is to build an international sales network for GPS loggers and information technology by Petrovision by acquiring sales partners in selected markets of the Gulf countries

EU funding for the project: PLN 93 200